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Closeup of woman studying at home Naomi and Tigger Three Cats on a Couch Sleepy Neko Punch In Front of Argent Overhead Argent Stretch Witchwood 6 Argent on her Couch Argent on her Couch Norio Contemplates Mr. Heater Argent Looks Askance (or at least away) Jupiter & Janine Argent and Tigger Zooming in on Argent Lily misses people Nice Place for a Nap, variant Nice Place for a Nap Nice Place for a Nap, variant Busy Scene 1 Busy Scene 2 Warmer Weather = Happier Cats Turns out I'm the favorite piece of furniture in the house Girl with her face covered with hair with her hand on the hair lookin in the camera while sitting on a sofa. Binemust 14
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 sofa, dog, girl, portrait, livingroom, red, selfportrait, cute, woman
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