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JEB 20181118-057.JPG JEB 20181118-054.JPG JEB 20181117-048.JPG JEB 20181117-045.JPG JEB 20181117-044.JPG JEB 20181117-043.JPG JEB 20181117-042.JPG JEB 20181117-034.JPG JEB 20181117-033.JPG JEB 20181117-032.JPG JEB 20181117-028.JPG JEB 20181117-031.JPG JEB 20181117-016.JPG The Attic at Moseley Old Hall - Attic Bedroom What Happened?! sleeping among the dead 01 Female Coot on nest assisted by male JEB 20181117-021.JPG JEB 20181117-024.JPG JEB 20181117-025.JPG JEB 20181117-017.JPG JEB 20181117-020.JPG JEB 20181117-014.JPG JEB 20181117-015.JPG JEB 20181117-011.JPG JEB 20181117-012.JPG JEB 20181117-013.JPG Cépages Cot en attente des vendanges I wonder what those holes under the bed were for? Interesting framing of me on a bed in the Tamansari water palace
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