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Push on. New home. Who’s this? Booms up Friday for a long one! Feeling cramped up? Down? Can’t think straight? Get up, take a deep breathe and stretch it out. Homework… Teamwork. The key that always fits. Live and act your best with your points forward. Throwback Thursday to when the YYZ Airport was getting some upgrades, various lots on the property received treatment. Throwback Thursday—are you with us or what? Dehydration means more water is moving out of the individual cells within the body than is going in. Drink lots of water! It’s people like you and me. An excavator like you. Digging or demolishing, it’s ready. Push your way through adversity and set back. Brilliance. Dirt and earthworks brilliance. Give and accept support. Gear up. Heavy Lifting. Trusted. Are you with us or what? How’s this for a Hump Day? No, for real. Bring Spring On! What amounts to a modern day construction love story. It’s Friday and we’re hitting it with all this week’s force. Buddy system. Heavy equipment are to a friendship like Christmas is to the other celebrations: always on top. Have a Merry One! Booms down and forks up for our friends south of the border. Enjoy. Reflecting in black and white for all those who gave it all for our freedom. We remember. People first. City building. Crushing these views out here. Just a reminder.
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