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Foton Auman ETX

Foton Auman ETX

Chinese investment in Jamaica has increased dramatically in recent years and with that has come a rise in the number of Chinese vehicles on Jamaican roads. This is particularly true with the trucks and buses - in the case of the trucks, many of the Chinese construction companies that are working intensely on many projects ongoing across Jamaica have brought their own equipment. This has led to a large influx of Chinese trucks on the island, with many companies subsequently establishing dealerships and beginning to import vehicles not just for the Chinese construction companies, but also local consumers to purchase.

Foton is one of these brands. They have been officially imported to Jamaica for a couple of years now and have a dealership in Kingston, but are also being brought in numbers by CHEC to work on road projects. The truck in this photo is working at the intersection of Hagley Park Road and Spanish Town Road (Three Mile) in Kingston, where a new overpass/bypass is being constructed to alleviate heavy traffic flow. Many of these machines can be seen working every day on this and other projects. Private buyers have also acquired many Fotons for hauling ore and aggregates in more rural parts of the island. This truck is known as the Auman ETX, and is the mainline do-it-all medium duty commercial model for Foton. They are a common sight in many parts of the developing world.

Aside from Fotons, Shacmans are also becoming a relatively more common site in Jamaica, with an official dealership (headquartering Shacmans Jamaica and broader Caribbean operations) established in Spring of 2018. New Shacmans have, like the Fotons, found plenty of local buyers, and many more continue to work on projects around the island. Construction isn't slowing down soon and local demand from Jamaican businessmen for these vehicles is high, so expect many more.

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Photo prise @ Four Roads le 20 août 2018 (© JLaw45 / Flickr)

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