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Our Hitachi 470LC straddling this trench in Burlington, Ontario. Updates of the project were featured in a recent blog post. Let's break the silence. Just another Canadian winter, eh! Throwing back Thursday to a commercial mall redemise in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. Hey there Mr. Tin Man. Stronger Together | MGI Construction Corp. Those who say it can not be done, shouldn’t interrupt those doing it. Never once scared to get our hands dirty. Leave the past behind you. Everyone has their favourite. Crushed it this week. Bravery has no place where it can avail nothing. In darkness, we find light. Authors of the Past | MGI Construction Corp. We got your back. Inspire The Next | MGI Construction Corp. Ready for a Halloween smash. We live it. Lay a strong foundation for the rest of the week. Tip Tuesday: Something never came from nothing. Work for it. Packing it in for the weekend. Gearing up to finish this week off right. Standing alone can mean you’re strong enough to handle things on your own. Brookland Avenue Reconstruction and Culvert Replacement | MGI Construction Corp. Beyond scrap and fury lies excitement—thrill. You are your biggest critic, your biggest fan, and your biggest source of motivation. Happy Birthday to this Beautiful Country of Ours! Booms up on a Friday and the Long Weekend awaits. We like that you're broken—broken in two. Loading up this last bit of negativity. What about you?
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