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Westfarms Mall (West Hartford, Connecticut) Hartford Connecticut - Connecticut's Old State House - HIstoric Building Hartford Connecticut ~ Flag Pole Statue ~ Connecticut Old State House Hartford Connecticut - Old State House Post Office Passport Building -  Architecture - 80 State  House Square Hartford Connecticut - The First Church of Christ - Historic Hartford Connecticut - The First Church of Christ - Historic making rope Mystic lobster traps 2 tied to you mustang into West Bend porsche panning Old railway bridge, Collinsville, CT elf off the shelf business-end the lobster traps figurehead mustang in the morning beep beep american muscle viper rolling through 3 coming in hot lift off 1975 March 75B (explored) Porsche GT-3 1969 Chevron Bald Eagle dive (2) Westfarms Mall (West Hartford, Connecticut) Buckland Hills Mall (Manchester, Connecticut) Mystic boat and lobster traps
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