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Alley Dumpster (Montreal) Griffintown Lachine Canal (Montreal) Lachine Canal Griffintown (Montreal) Plateau Alley Way (Montreal) Centre Point Waiting too long Iidabashi Station_1 The Watcher Working Where's that confounded bridge? Cute young kitty Fort des dunes Saint-Henri Fire Escape (Montreal) IMG_5327 IMG_5336-39 245 Old Settlement - 012. Leaf Capsized Urząd Wojewódzki, Bydgoszcz IMG_5241 Elancements Perret - Église Saint Joseph - Le Havre (Saif 2019) going up gate and fence in spring Concrete Rectangle The highway to the Baltic Sea internal space_ internal space concrete structure_ rubble and remnants
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 architecture, building, urban, city, wall, glass, sky, blue, street, grey
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