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* * * Bird eye view of salt piles during production / Vogelperspektive von Salzhaufen während der Produktion IMG_9902 DSCF8752 Sacred & Profane Festival • 2016 graffiti Ozinga (118) “As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.” ―John Lubbock 🇰🇷 🐻 Even Dullness Can Be Brightened By Art (4k) IMG_1882 Architecture, Campus de la Doua, Lyon, France Bunker skate n spray Crossings Under Ground Exploration Bat Drain Water Pipe CONCRETE ABSTRACTION From my new camera ... which cannot make phonecalls ... casa das histórias 3 The Bridge 79, Shoreditch High Street, London, 16 December 2011 Moon Circle 2011-02-19 St Johns Bridge 2 500 Volt Fuse Boards 2010_1407 - Urban2_1 Handmade Texture G1 The Brunel Bus Station, Slough Acrophobia - One Step Staircase camberhell #1 Brain Drain - Fan Room
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