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Delight and concern Quotation: “Our social identities (race, nationality, religion, dialect, etc.) are for a large part artificial and not naturally occurring.”  So why to we get so hung up about them? Prepare to Launch Still Looking NYC Scavenger Hunt Photo Candid of a Mother Standing and concerned lioness 2019_08-08b 2019_08-08a 2019_08-08 From the Subcontinent Eliza's first swing A Row of Noisy Honeyeaters concerned man 2018_05-18b Worried Walker me 2017_12-11c 2017_11-19 2017_11-18f I see why you'd be concerned 2017_07-16p Work Hard, Play Hard Quotation: “Religion is the dimension of depth . . . the state of being ultimately concerned.” Paul wants on 2017_01-21c Concerned Man in the street Watching, worried horizon
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