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Acorn Archimedes

Acorn Archimedes

Possibly my favourite computer ever? I remember my dad buying a fairly early A310M Archimedes in late 87/early 88. The M denoted it came with the PC Emulator software, which ran rather slow, funnily enough. Loved this machine, remember upgraded it to a whopping 4 megabytes of RAM in 93 (IFEL upgrade) ended up using it for publishing newsletters etc at university, wrote my major degree report on it, and it even last up until 1996 when I wrote up my thesis for my MSc on it. By then, it was a bit long in the tooth, it ended up being donated to a local school, while I yearned for a RISC PC. Alas, things had moved on, I needed to work on PCs and Macs, so my Acorn days were over. Beautiful, powerful machine though, so well engineered.

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Photo taken @ Cambridge on 18 April 2019 (© Gareth Bellamy / Flickr)

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