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OKIMG_7339 IMG_1624 OKIMG_8311 OKIMG_7908 OKIMG_8640 OKIMG_7103 goodbye stan OKIMG_8738 watching the city Wonder Woman 1948 comics Justice League Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018 - Karen Lord and Paul Magrs 01 Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018 - A Graphic Novel of Women 04 Batman Year One: Part 10 Minifigures #14 Scott McCloud shows his favorite airplane safety card, spotlight panel, San Diego Comic-Con, San Diego, California, USA Small Press Day Edinburgh 05 Small Press Day Edinburgh 07 #INDYPOPCON has a lot of cosplay but I don't know who this is. IMG_4586 IMG_4606 Catwoman, La Spezia Comics 2018 Even Avengers Take Selfies 1946 comics Arzach by Jean Giraud Moebius In Memory of Sunday Pleasures Past Newbury Comics (Buckland Hills Mall) Joker, La Spezia Comics 2018 IMG_5659
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 dc, marvel, art, cosplay, batman, comic, illustration, drawing, anime, superman
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