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Saratoga Springs - New York - City Hall and Ainsworth Building - Broadway Historic District - Resort Town

Fading away - The High Line, New York City


Descent Into Autumn

Glass - Hudson Yards, New York City

Picnics Passed

More Angles - 10 Hudson Yards, New York City

Sarasota Springs - New York - Historic Downtown at Lake & Broadway

Take me to Hell

Angles - 10 Hudson Yards, New York City

Hudson Yards, New York City

Red morning

18:37 PM

Perfect portrait

Broadway Lights - 7th Avenue, New York City

season's end


Horizon colours - Limassol, Cyprus

Sunset over the Mountain

Welcoming Fall

Midtown - 10th Avenue, New York City

Niebla2 Lisboa

Beréber Marruecos)


Una mañana (Noruega)

Vibrant traditional shop houses on Serangoon road in Little India in Singapore

Fall Colors Bishop Creek

To the sky - hudson Yards, New York City

Little zebra crossing

Comment or Fave Top Photo First - Washington DC - ChiaroScuro - Gothic After Hours Club -- Marilyn Monroe Visits The Club

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