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..glorious sunrise.. Mergulho fim de tarde... ..rise and shine, sweety.. Sunset Cruises - New York City ..look in the mirror.. Colorful Branches Sauerland View Hudson Sunset (South #1) - New York City Finally Got A Butterfly Photo! contesto2018_07 Queria morar aqui... ..rush-hour commuters in the last light of the day.. contesto2018_06 Portrait of a beautiful Indian little girl contesto2018_02 Sunset sailing on the Hudson - New York City Belvedere ..modern dusk.. ..going somewhere.. Blood moon ..Presidential Lotus.. Porto_notte_02 _MG_5096 - The Dancing House in blue hour ..searchlights.. Porto_notte_01 _DSC1539 - The Charles Bridge skyline 3 years after Torre_Lapillo_13 On the Hudson North -  Chelsea Piers, New York City pride socks Panorâmica Mutá...
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