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..dining on the Princess.. Transparência... ..I'm gonna get you.. umbrellas BORDEAUX   -   BURDEOS Eastern Coachwhip (Masticophis flagellum flagellum) Maman les p´tits bateaux ..am I lost?.. ..dusk in colors.. OOOPS!! Guarda natureza... ; ) Summer Nights - Limassol, Cyprus Ascoli_6953_01 ..metropolis' cherry blossoms.. Looking back: The way to Camden Chelsea Cityscape - New York City Ascoli_6971 ..amazing colorful sunrise between the cloud.. Crystal Still Life - (Explored August 28, 2018) Grottammare_6884_04 Flying/sailing by at sunset - Hoboken, New Jersey Partiu Mauá... ..in between.. ..promise to a very beautiful day.. Natureza... preservar é preciso!!! Urban Life Moments ..watching a beautiful golden dusk from behind the dirty glass.. Happy Monday! Color Me Red
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 red, green, light, flower, yellow, colour, orange, nature, blue, sky
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