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Art Museum Cicero Funeral procession, 1910. Painted wooden coffin of Itineb Painted wooden coffin Coffin of female mummy identified as the Chantress of Amon Battle of Hampton Roads - civil war - Mariners Museum Newport News Virginia Qurneh coffin The Qurneh Burial Cairo Cairo Forgotten coffins Oakland Cemetery Bodie | Dying to get out of there Lincoln Train Museum - Lincoln's coffin sdasm image Wooden Casket at Abandoned Funeral Home Head of the coffin of Kha Inner coffin of Butehamun, scribe of Deir el-Medina Funeral of Bishop Dmitri Royster of Dallas It's only temporary Closeup of the uraeus on the body of King Tutankhamun's first inner coffin New Kingdom 18th Dynasty Egypt 1332-1323 BCE 1267405_10200360888615359_778346582_o Francis Deslets - First Cabinet-Coffin Maker in Flinton Saint's Abode 1839 scratch signature (Giant's Coffin, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, USA) 1 coffin 1 Langenau mausoleum - Lake View Cemetery The mummy of Kha, architect of Deir el-Medina 1234509_10200132867594976_451440189_n 1268387_10200215774627600_1149692124_o
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