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Woman using her laptop at the home. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows under the art Black and White H & H Car Wash, El Paso, Texas Open at 11 o'clock Coffee pouring out of an espresso machine into two cups Friendly Self-Service Mud Spot Mornings at the coffee shop I Net lampshades DSC_4104 Harris & Hoole, Southgate JAPAN.2019.047 JAPAN.2019.049 JAPAN.2019.050 Dark Arts Coffee, Hackney The Deco Look Mommy Time Waiting to be served The Roastery Untitled Alone together It had been a helluva long day so I decided to stop for a coffee at Ginza station Generally upmarket crowd in the coffee shop at Ginza station Kyu Goryotei or Taiwan Pavilion in the Shinjuku Gyoen A corner convenience store and coffee shop at Tsukiji Lots of Goodies EUR A British tourist lent me his polirizing filter to take this picture
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