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A corner convenience store and coffee shop at Tsukiji Amsterdam 26 Amsterdam 25 Savannah Coffee Roasters Person sitting on counter table at a local coffee shop in Bacolod (Flip 2019) Gast sitzt mit Laptop an Tresentisch in Kaffeehaus vor Scheibe und Palmen in Bacolod Nahaufnahme von Einmachgläsern gefüllt mit Kaffeebohnen und Beschriftung in Kaffeehaus Im UCC Coffee Shop in Bacolod kaufen Gäste hochwertige Kaffeespezialitäten Person sitting on counter table at a local coffee shop in Bacolod Close up of various coffee beans in sealed jars Interior of UCC Coffee Shop in Bacolod The WeedShelves Cinnamon on latte foam A coffee was most welcome in that gloomy weather This bus must at one time have run packed with locals and backpackers Signage about the Memorial Bridge en-route to Pai The Pai Memorial bridge- girder bridge with wooden slats- typical of the bridges of that time A goofy selfie on a motor scooter right on the Memorial Bridge- there were no takers A shop at the Memorial Bridge selling traditional cookware Entrance to the Santichon Chinese Village en route to Pai The Chinese statue from another angle No Chinese garden is complete without the humped arch bridge Partially paved with bamboo mats, this path beyond the Santichon park leads to agricultural fields Loved this large gate- reminded me of a portion of the Xi'an city wall! Lots of Goodies Sorry... We're Stoned Coffee Team The mountains nearby are apparently know for coffee growing Other travelers check out the signage at the Memorial Bridge en-route to Pai An overview of Santichon- don't you simply love the mountains in the background?
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