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Illustrated October 1953 Good Housekeeping Cover, Artist Coby Whitmore, Two Young Sisters The Scapegoat, Ladies Home Journal, January 1957, illustration by Coby Whitmore 1947 Short Story Illustration by Legendary Artist Coby Whitmore 1962 Illustrated Ad, Gallo Wines, Romantic Evening with Elegant Woman & Man at Party, Artist Coby Whitmore (2-page advert) Sincerely, Willis Wade, Part I, by Coby Whitmore, 1954 Lily by Coby Whitmore Morning Stretch by Coby Whitmore The Ugliest Woman in Town, magazine story illustration, April 1955 by Coby Whitmore Women and Tom Harrow, Part 2, Ladies' Home Journal, August 1958, illustration by Coby Whitmore