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Spring Flowers [Explore] Yellow-mask Angelfish - Pomacanthus xanthometopon Picasso Triggerfish - Rhinecanthus aculeatus Daffodils Mermaid's Comb Spring Flowers Tulip Texas Bluebonnet Longhorn Cowfish portrait - Lactoria cornuta Two Eyes Tongue Macro Monday - Brush ( in explore ) Bluestreak Goby - Valenciennea strigata Spring Beginning Cold Garden Backyard Flowers In Black And White 73 Someone laugh about me yesterday at work, saying that my only degree was about makeup... Why not?  Quelqu'un c'est amusé à mon détriment hier au travail, en disant que mon seul diplôme était en maquillage... Pourquoi pas ? Cold Nature Looking close...on Friday - Heart Daisies 2020-2-2 Mary-2 Lipstick Daisy Macro Monday - The Odd one Green zinnias Unique, soft and wonderful. Top of a barrel cactus Cheyenne Spirit echinacea Dream in Winter Too much coke and too much smoke
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