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Tulips Tulips Drops of water fall from the beak of an American flamingo wading in a pond in Key West, Florida Tulip Stars in her eyes Blanket flower floats on the breeze. Forest Mushroom Backyard Flowers In Black And White 79 Baubles Merry Christmas.....Frohe Weihnachten King Penguin and Chick Macro Cherries A Smile To Brighten Your Day! Sunflower Sunset Sunflower Bud Autumn colors Poppy Looking close...on Friday - Glass Leaning In Macro Monday - reflection Backyard Flowers 68 Color Version Seeds of ice - Grains de glace Little Sunflower Fading away - The High Line, New York City Cosmos Festival of Light Red Arrow Canine cubed Tulips Curious (yellow)  - The High Line, New York City
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