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Time Makes A Ghost Of Every Deed “A person without culture is like a human being without land.” —God Grew Tired of Us (Documentary, 2006) JAMIE CLARK & AHMAD ELLAZ Cracked and rutted pavement on Padden Parkway in Clark County Welcome Home Little Heart Xavier Codéine “But Bannon is not talking about the Islamic religion; his target is not Islam but the demonization of Islam as a means to justify a war that would reinvigorate American nationalism.” —Roger Berkowitz If totalitarianism is “organized loneliness,” the fundamental loneliness of modern life means that totalitarianism is hardly a phenomenon of the past. —Roger Berkowitz “Then Baldwin tweeted back, saying he’d stop if Trump released his tax returns. Then Trump didn’t release his tax returns, and Baldwin didn’t stop.” —Chris Jones “...the very way we deal with reality is by distorting it—and we do this unconsciously. When we start pulling at this thread, an awfully big spool of thoughts and questions begins to unravel onto the floor.” —Joshua Wolf Shenk “We had to make a pit stop to pray to the gay rock gods.” — @fryguy85 T.W. Sims (LOC) Lost in Space David Clark - 1995 McLaren F1 GTR - Goodwood 75MM David Munyon @ UT Connewitz, Leipzig, Germany, 18.03.2017 Near the Calo Theatre Hot Air Balloon Night Glow Hot Air Balloon Night Glow Nothing beats a happy Labrador #158 JAMIE CLARK Clarke Quay by night Clarke Quay by night General George Rogers Clark General George Rogers Clark Romics 2017 20170306_Hagerty-691 Lincoln Towing Service EastCountyBridge
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 chicago, pampanga, philippines, balloon, superman, kent, river, lewis, air, quay
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