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2016 Battles-Ft Stevens Civil War era reenactment

2016 Battles-Ft Stevens Civil War era reenactment

Civil War era historical reenactment brings history to life, featuring camp life, civilian life, soldier life and battles, and lots and lots of history.

This event was held on Labor Day weekend, September 3-5, 2016 at Fort Stevens State Park, Hammond, Oregon.

Many wonder why we have Civil War reenactments in the Pacific Northwest. Well, over 15,000 Civil War veterans moved west to Oregon after the war, according to the US National Park Service (www.nps.gov/cwindepth/StateByState/Oregon.html)

In Washington, over 5,000 Civil War veterans are buried in cemeteries there.

Fort Stevens itself was built during the US Civil War, because of the Civil War. There were fears the South would make it to the Pacific and attack up the Columbia River, far inland, to cause harm to the north's agricultural interests.

That makes this reenactment unique - Fort Stevens is a Civil War era fortress in the western US.

The reenactors you see in these photos come from Oregon, Washington and Northern California. The Oregon group is the Northwest Civil War Council (nwcwc.org) and Washington volunteers are from the Northwest Civil War Association (ncwa.net).

The photos here were taken with either an Olympus E-M10 or a Lumix GH-4 camera, and processed in Lightroom.

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Photo taken on 4 September 2016 (© Edward Mitchell / Flickr)

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