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Willemsbrug, Nieuwe Maas, Rotterdam, Netherlands - 5191

Snow Day - Washington Square Park, New York City

Candle light dinner - Amsterdam

Street Market on 8th - Chelsea, New York City

Oude Haven, Rotterdam, Netherlands - 5186

Scarborough Skyline Sunset.

The fly's flight

CITY CE NTRE at night.

Pasquale's Restaurant, little fishes and fried frogs for all

Cub Cheetah : チーターの赤ちゃん

Eagle Owl : ワシミミズク

Orangutan's Mother and Child (Kiki and her son Riki) : オランウータンの母子

Female Snowy Owl : メスのシロフクロウ

Artem of Male Amur Tiger : アムールトラのアルチョム

Cub Cheetah : チーターの赤ちゃん

A Bird's House

Kiss me baby !

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Zanesville Ohio ~ The Muskingum County Courthouse ~ Historic

Shopping time in Varzi

Shibuya scramble intersection at 10 pm on Sunday : 日曜日午後10時の渋谷スクランブル交差点

Marco's Resturant

Fireworks on the Beach

Chinatown in Singapore

Before the night

Beware of raptor

Atardecer desde Montjuic

A table for all my friends, please

chillen an der alten donau

The town that wont let you down!

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