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Flash, the lunch hour buddy - New York City The Empty Refinery - New York City The Clock Tower & the Bridge - New York City orange up Bamboo forest of Hokoku-ji Temple in Kamakura : 報国寺の竹林(鎌倉市浄明寺) Tokyo Station Marunouchi station building on Twilight : 黄昏時の東京駅丸の内駅舎 Blue-and-yellow Macaw, Ai in Flight : ルリコンゴウインコのアイの飛翔 Peace Bridge (Calgary) Peter and Paul Fortress Kleinburg Ontario - Canada -  The Bird of Paradise Flower On the Hudson North -  Chelsea Piers, New York City ..rise and shine, sweety.. Cleveland Ohio -  Society for Savings Building - Old Gas Lamp Fantail (goldfish) of Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Sky Tree Town : リュウキン(琉金、東京スカイツリータウン・すみだ水族館) Yellow tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) of Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Sky Tree Town : キイロハギ(東京スカイツリータウン・すみだ水族館) Spotted Jelly (Mastigias papua) of in Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Sky Tree Town : タコクラゲ(すみだ水族館) Mid afternoon coffee break - New York City Hudson River Park - Chelsea, New York City Once upon a time... Brilliant Metropolis Bus stop on Teodoro Sampaio Street, São Paulo, Brazil. Stately Japanese Sea Nettle (Chrysaora pacifica) of Enoshima Aquarium, Fujisawa : アカクラゲ(藤沢市・新江ノ島水族館) Limassol by sunset - Cyprus Flat Illusion - New York City Luna lionfish (Pterois lunulata) of Enoshima Aquarium, Fujisawa : ミノカサゴ(藤沢市・新江ノ島水族館) Pallas's Cat (Otocolobus manul) of Ueno Zoo, Tokyo : マヌルネコ(上野動物園) Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) of Yokohama Zoological Gardens :  オセロット(よこはま動物園ズーラシア) Midtown Panoramic - New York City
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