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In a hurry - Times Square, New York City Jefferson City  Missouri ~ State Capitol  ~  The House Lounge Dongbaek Park - Busan, South Korea - Seascape photography Never lose your sense of wonder 10th Avenue Sunset - Chelsea, New York City Bronze sculpture in the Garden of the Gods in Muang Boran, Samut Phrakan, Thailand Fishing Boats - Limassol, Cyprus Walking The Arches Old Town - Limassol, Cyprus City Island Golden windows in the blue hour of sunrise.. The Royal Arcade, London Summer Sunset Jump - Seoul, South Korea - Black and white street photography New York City -  Manhattan - New York - The Sutherland   -  611 West 158th St - Riverside Drive - Beaux Arts Apartment Bodyparts Brockville Ontario - Canada - Brockville Heritage Courthouse Square Brockville  Ontario - Canada -  Philips Light Show -  365 days a year - Old Railway Tunnel Tri-peaks.. Two benches for a friend The glowing curve São Paulo City started here on Jan. 25th., 1554. Solar da Marquesa de Santos, São Paulo downtown, Brasil. Largo Pateo do Colégio, São Paulo downton, Brasil. Casa Número UM, Casa da Imagem (number one house), São Paulo downtown, Brasil. Replica of Dusit Maha Prasat Palace in Muang Boran, Samut Phrakan, Thailand ..which way is up?.. Central Business District (CBD) at Marina Bay in Singapore Beco do Pinto ( São Paulo City started here on Jan. 25th., 1554.
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