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"This is the bitterest pain among men, to have much knowledge but no power."
– Herodotus, Book 9, Ch. 16.

"Molecular biology is essentially the practice of biochemistry without a license."
— Erwin Chargaff, "Essays on Nucleic Acids" (1963), 176.

"Never talk of that which is within you ; God is in us, as well as in you : never make a flourish of what is in you; for the fear of God is before our eyes as well as yours, and what we do, we shall have comfort in, in that it is according to the laws of England, the the rules of which we are sworn to observe, and every man will do righteous things as well as you."
– C. J. Keble, in "Lilburne's Case" (1649).

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Photo taken on 4 March 2019 (© Daniel Ari Friedman / Flickr)

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