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Chromatic Pool (morning, 15 August 2018) 2

The Empire Strikes Back

Shined up the Beemer today


2017.09.13 The Chromatic Dinner

2017.09.13 The Chromatic Dinner

A Murder of Crows

#chromatic #timewarp #interactivesculpture #art #downtherabithole

Waiting for the metro

2017.09.13 The Chromatic Dinner




Festival Chromatic 2015

Ford for the people

Amplifier at f/10 - Sharpness and vignetting test

Amplifier at f/7.1 - Sharpness and vignetting test

Amplifier at f/4 - Sharpness and vignetting test

The thinker

One glass please

Lamp for men at Steam Hellsinki

Waiting for the coffee

Toilet alien

Flowers for a candidate

Balloons of tolerance

Familiar face person in real life

Nikkor 55-200mm VR at f/13 - Sharpness test wide end

Joy of tme

Face of puzzlement

Yellow cap between

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