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323/365: Pläfä, Senkeltram

323/365: Pläfä, Senkeltram

This is an image with the Fujian CCTV lens, wide open. On a meta layer, it's somewhat fitting that this image is shot with a lens meant for surveillance cameras: The pictured Münsterplattform park was one of the first public places in Bern that had surveillance cameras installed. A huge subject of discussion twenty-ish years ago, barely worth mentioning today - a scary development, I think.

The thing to the left is the "Senkeltram" aka "Mattenlift", a lift that is part of the public transport system of Bern. It goes down 31 meters, and there's a stair for the less lazy people. I'm usually lazy.

As you can see, nothing is sharp. That's because the lens just isn't sharp wide open. Or stopped down for that matter. It does have lovely flares and interesting aberrations. Definitely doesn't work for every image, and after an hour or two with it, I missed sharp lenses, and autofocus.

But it's a neat experiment anyway.

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise @ Bern le 23 janvier 2016 (© haslo / Flickr)

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