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Notre Dame Black and White High Country Flight Mission Santa Barbara Alter Mission Santa Ines The church is now used as a museum Church of Kish- one of the oldest in the Caucasians A prehistoric crypt at the entrance to the ancient Church of Kish In the crypt you can also see the original foundations of the church One of the original skeletons in the crypt Another ancient crypt next to the altar shows examples of animal sacrifice during that era Another of those ancient skeletons- less reflections on the protective plexi glass this time Another sign about an ancient crypt The reflections on the protective plexi-glass were rather bugging I was really fascinated by those prehistoric skeletons! The crypt you saw earlier dates back to the 3 -10 Centuries! An ancient skeleton from the 3-10th centuries! There, that's much clearer view, isn't it? I worked my way around the reflections by sticking my camera in through here And there are those irritating reflections again! An ancient sarcophagus in the grounds of the Church of Kish Heaven is a Desert An ancient church near the Khansarai now a museum This museum near the Khansarai was once an Albanian  church The volunteer who let us in- not a word was exchanged though due to the language problem The museum is much larger than it looks from the outside Interior of the Church of Kish, the oldest in that area A sign about something interesting discovered in the church foundations 4000- 3000 BC objects found at the site View of the delightful surrounding countryside From crypts and skeletons, now for some life!
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