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The Philosophers Walk is about 2km long and runs along a canal (Representative image) I spotted a pair of geisha for the first time from the bus (Representative image) This is probably what a geisha dance performance would look like Brief video of a street musician playing the Hang or Handpan drum It's actually a pretty strenuous uphill trek down- well up- this road In the Arashiyama bamboo forest- this is the main attraction here More fantastic landscaping at the Tenryu-ji Zen temple I stopped for tea at this local Japanese cafe A look at the other diners in the the traditional Japanese cafe I was amazed that this lady was sipping straight out of the orange! I kept waiting for a lull to get a selfie made here A couple of friendly Chinese girls agreed to take my picture I suck at selfies,and my turned out pretty bad The store assistant was kind enough to wear it and show me that it would look like A passing tourist offered to take a better selfie of me A selfie by the main gate to the Kiyomizu-dera temple grounds This lady promised to take my picture once she was done My blue outfit does not match the sakura (cherry blossoms) even one bit! A closer look at the two figures next to the sanctum of the Kiyomizu-dera temple A selfie on the balcony of the Kiyomizu-dera shrine The Jishu shrine is dedicated to love and matchmaking It is believed that you will have success in love if you walk blindfolded from this stone to the one at the far side A selfie on the viewing platform- I never realized I had climbed that far Another selfie from a viewing balcony at Kiyomizu-dera A umbrella hook next to the urinal- ingenioius A wash basin in the shape of an urinal- I thought that was a dumb idea! Another look at the Chinese tourists at the Otawa waterfall cleansing station An owl cafe near Fushimi Inari- Japan abounds in animal cafes And the usual adult DVD parlour near Fushimi Inari A view of the main Fushimi Inari shrine through the last torii gate
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