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CG4 and PCG21375

CG4 and PCG21375

Cometary Globule 4, and background galaxy PGC21375 in the constellation of Puppis.

Images taken with Chilescope's 1-metre Ritchey-Chretien (F8) over 3 nights in January 2020 :
- 5 x 600" + 1 x 1200" in L
- 3 x 600" + 1 x 1200" in H-alpha
- 2 x 1200" in R
- 4 x 600" + 2 x 1200" in B
I misjudged my planning as I'm used to their Newtonians at F3.6, and not to this RC at F8. Thankfully their session planner had issues, terminating sessions early and I was able to re-schedule with the 1200" frames.

Using this telescope means challenges ... not only some of the calibration files do not remove problems (eg. big dark spot on the bottom centre), but you also have to deal with "warm pixels" near the central black column (resulting in bright-ish column in the middle of the frame) and weird small round artificats in H-alpha and a bit in red ...
I do not have the expertise (nor patience) to deal with these problems beyond a fairly "standard" approach, therefore they stay in.

Processing and editing done with PixInsight 1.8.6 and DxO PhotoLab 2

For the little story, I personally imagine CG4 to be a Sandworm /Shai-Hulud from Dune, while my girlfriend imagines a cat "jumping" at the galaxy seen from underneath with its head the equivalent of the sandworm's mouth.
Different perspectives, hey ... :-P

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Photo taken @ R on 26 January 2020 (© Seabird NZ / Flickr)

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