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Food for Sharing

Berlin, July 21, 2018

Growing up in shadows

Kiss and a Cuddle

2018 Cariwest Parade

Girl and Her Dogs

Yunnan, Bai



Clothes pins and spiky massage balls on a bath towel

My Bear Cub And I...

Noble Cat

The Faith

Entsorgungspflicht der Hundebesitzer


Great-niece looking over a railing


Konso Village

Tigray Boy

Lalibela Boy

Street Boy Eating

Malagasy Boy


Rainbow Bowl in Hand

Rainbow Bowl: colorful spinach mix, avocado cubes, pink hummus, falafel, cucumber slices, quinoa, carrot stripes, tomato cubes, dressing

Portrait of Indian boy on the street in fishing village

Rao-Rao Batusangkar - Me and my Best Friend

Mother and Child

Feed and Fish

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