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Back to Chiang Mai- for some reason this chap has put on a motif of copulating bears on his car! A disused bus which used to run from Chiang Rai to Pai I really don't know why I felt so nice on seeing this bus This bus must at one time have run packed with locals and backpackers A goofy selfie on a motor scooter right on the Memorial Bridge- there were no takers Entrance to the Santichon Chinese Village en route to Pai Elegant Chinese style statue in the forecourt of Santichon Yunan Cultural Village The Chinese statue from another angle Santichon is touristy but the landscaping is nice An overview of Santichon- don't you simply love the mountains in the background? No Chinese garden is complete without the humped arch bridge Stall after stall hires these dresses for that goofy selfie A kid came running asking if I wanted to hire a dress for a selfie Partially paved with bamboo mats, this path beyond the Santichon park leads to agricultural fields And in my naivety I thought these costumes were offered for sale! Beautiful aster flowers by the lake at Santichon Now for the kitschy part- selfie wearing Chinese costumes, anyone? Loved this large gate- reminded me of a portion of the Xi'an city wall! The ladies working the horses refused to let me photograph them Study in rooftops of the many shacks hiring Chinese costumes Walking on the beautiful Xi'an Wall styled portion of wall This freshly bloomed pink hibiscus flower was too tempting to resist. That's my guide Kiki- a delightful chap! _IMG1722.jpg Other travelers check out the signage at the Memorial Bridge en-route to Pai Another traveler taking a selfie at the Memorial Bridge Signage about the Memorial Bridge en-route to Pai The Pai Memorial bridge- girder bridge with wooden slats- typical of the bridges of that time This is the river the Memorial Bridge runs over A shop at the Memorial Bridge selling traditional cookware
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