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A longer shot of the baby execution tree

A longer shot of the baby execution tree

Another look at the infamous Killing Tree, described in detail in the previous caption. While the cruelty of the killings is disturbing enough, I could never get round the fact as to how humans can do this to human babies. Poor, innocent babies who have not even begun to walk or talk. Indeed, these humans (if I dare call them that) are crazy. Some (though not all) of the women killed there had been raped as well. Imagine watching your baby brutally killed in front of you and then be raped yourself and then be violently killed by your face being smashed in or being clubbed to death. Most inhuman. And a bigger tragedy was that the perpetrator of all this died at a ripe old age of 82 without being punished for his crimes against humanity- tha too his own people. (Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Apr/ May 2014)

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Photo taken on 1 April 2014 (© shankar s. / Flickr)

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