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Forest with high radioactivity near Pripyat, Ukraine Doll, Chernobyl, Ukraine Doll face, Chernobyl, Ukraine Doll, Chernobyl, Ukraine 1985 calendar, Pripyat, Ukraine Pripryat Abandoned garage Graveyard It will never work again... DUGA Radar station Prypiat City Administration Café Prypiat Duga Radar In the Eye of Moscow DUGA Radar station a.k.a. the Russian woodpecker Prypiat entry sign Prypiat ''Amusement park'' Just left, and never came back... St. Elijah Church Tree near Pripyat, Ukraine Entering Pripyat, Ukraine Beds, Chernobyl, Ukraine Center of Pripyat, Ukraine Ferris wheel, Pripyat, Ukraine Bumper cars, Pripyat, Ukraine Bumper cars, Pripyat, Ukraine Swimming pool, Pripyat, Ukraine Timeless clock, Pripyat, Ukraine Things you shouldn't need at school... Chernobyl waste storage facility
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