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In one hand Burger, in the second the glass with cold Cola. The concept of unhealthy eating (Flip 2019)

Pizza Margarita with round pizza knife

Peanuts Snacks in the hand

Tomato Radishes Rukola and Cheese salad above black background

The process of cooking Shawarma

Hand hält Babybel-Käse mit leicht geöffneter Wachsverpackung vor weißem Hintergrund

Large fresh pizza with smoked sausage and mozzarella

Ben's Dog and Chips

Brie cheese with herbs and cherry tomatoes

Top view white sauce and crackers with fresh dill on black stone background

Sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese on a kitchen green towel

Ham Pickles and Cheese with Sandwich Bread

Feta cheese with vegetables and olive oil.

Leckere Halloumi-Käse-Burger mit Avocado, Zwiebel und Tomaten

Home made halloumi-cheese burger with avocado and tomato


Vegetarian Zucchini Pizza

#LaAntiguaCheeseDay en C.Comercial Illa Carlemany, Andorra

#LaAntiguaCheeseDay en C.Comercial Illa Carlemany, Andorra

FITUR 2018

The two of us

“Jetzt eine Pizza, niemand kann tagelang Streuselkuchen essen.” ―Lilly Axster, Dorn 🍕

Record collection at a bar

Pluck at Ang Siang Hill

Fiesta de la Vendimia #MoralejadelVino

the AMERICAN BASTARD BENEDICT (meatloaf, extra sharp cheddar cheese, sunny side up egg in star cut out, grilled on butter -- a delicous and original brunch recipe for brunch munchers : cartoon, scott richard, san francisco (2015)

Chocolate Train Swiss Montreux Gruyère

Holstein on Pasture

Salon Gourmets Madrid 2015

Close-up of the meatless burger "Big Vegan TS" by McDonalds on dark background with soy-patty wheat protein, green salad and sesame seeds

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