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Portrait of @CBCAmy - AKA Amy Bell A Class With the Elegant Johanna Wagstaffe The Queen of Green Johanna Wagstaffe and her Vancouver Studio Johanna Thinking Over A Q With Her Forecast Johanna Getting Interviewed by a DSLR Kids Doing the CBC Weather Gloria Macarenko With Whole Foods Bouquet in the Red Filter Timeless Gloria Macarenko in A Gloria Macarenko Doing A Stand-Up in the Vancouver CBC Newsroom CBC Food Bank Day Tabulation and CNN on Newsroom Screens Inside A CBC Vancouver Radio Producer's Office Johanna, the Queen of Green My Tour Group Getting Briefed on the CBC Vancouver Newsroom Some Idea of What CBC's The National Vancouver Anchor Sees Ze Back End of the CBC's The National Studio in Vancouver, BC A CBC Vancouver Producer's Workstation A Donation to Honour Bowinn Ma Yes, This Little Studio is Where CBC's The National Operates Ze Vancouver CBC Studio Desk & Screens Anita Bathe and Colleague Check Out A Vancouver CBC Screen Gloria Macarenko Back Where She Belongs - In FRONT of the Camera Johanna the Green Queen with Some Whole Foods Flowers Johanna Taking Qs in the Studio The Makeup Tray for the Vancouver CBC Anchors Enjoying the View Out the Vancouver CBC Studio Playing With the Green Screen Screens, Screens and More Screens While Anita Bathe Preps For Ze 6 PM Newscast The TV Meteorologist's Remote The Viewfinder of a TV Camera :-) All That Light...
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