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Project 365 #4: 040119 Falling Water

Project 365 #4: 040119 Falling Water

Today I decided to get the bike out to road test some new boots. When I first started riding 16 years ago I got some safety gear including some cheap boots which I intended to replace in fairly short order. They've just been replaced!

I was trying to decide whether to ride to Southport or Hoylake, but by the time I got to the end of the road I decided to make it the rather more local Sefton Park instead.

The new boots are great, but both the toe protection and the sole are much, much thicker than the on the old boots. This means the top of the boot sits much higher and makes it rather difficult to change gear!

I tried adjusting my riding, but saw the sense in instead adjusting the gear change lever! I'll road test again with the new setting soon.

There's lots of prettiness in Liverpool's parks, but few spots prettier than the delightful Fairy Glen. The top half is more photogenic, but here I've gone to the bottom of the watercourse and shot up. The good thing about our shitty winter light is that you can get 1/4 second exposure even on a mobile phone so we get a sense of movement in the water. :)

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Photo prise le 4 janvier 2019 (© comedy_nose / Flickr)

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