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Atomizer Geyser (morning, 13 August 2014)

Atomizer Geyser (morning, 13 August 2014)

Geysers are hot springs that episodically erupt columns of water. They occur in few places on Earth. The highest concentration of geysers anywhere is at the Yellowstone Hotspot Volcano (northwestern Wyoming, USA).

Atomizer Geyser consists of two adjacent geyserite cones located 52 meters west-southwest of the center of Artemisia Geyser’s pool in the Cascade Group of Yellowstone’s Upper Geyser Basin. Atomizer has minor and major eruptions. Minor eruptions are about half-a-minute to a little over one minute in duration and consist of a relatively slender, slightly angled column of water issuing from Atomizer’s western cone. Minors occur in series, and intervals between individual eruptions shorten as a major eruption is approached. Between most minors, Atomizer’s western vent has episodic filling-overflowing-draining events.

A major eruption occurs about 8 to 13 minutes after the beginning of the last minor eruption in a series. Between the last minor and a major, frequent low splashing occurs in the western vent. Major eruptions are longer in duration than minors and include steaming and some water issuing from the eastern vent, as well as spouting from the western vent. During major eruptions, Atomizer’s western vent alternates between water-dominated spouting and forceful steam emissions, the latter sometimes accompanied by chugging sounds.

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Photo taken on 13 August 2014 (© James St. John / Flickr)

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