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Turkey - Autumn 2018 - Green Lake

* Seleucia was an ancient Greek city on the Mediterranean coast of Pamphylia, in Anatolia, approximately 15 km northeast of Side; the site is currently about 1k north of the village of Bucakseyhler (also Bucaksihler), approximately 12 km northeast of Manavgat, Antalya Province, Turkey. It is situated on a hilltop with steep escarpments on several sides making a strong defensive position. The track from the village has recently been clearfelled but the main site is still within a mature pine forest. The German researcher Johannes Nolle has suggested, however, that the remains at this location are not those of Seleucia but rather those of Lyrba.
* Green Lake/Canyon
* Mosque
* Manavgat Waterfall

( Days off in Turkey in 2018 )

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Photo prise @ Selale le 16 septembre 2018 (© Miguel Discart (Photos Vrac) / Flickr)

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