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Frog dish last chapter, ellora St George's Church, Dunster Funambule / Funâmbulo / Funambulist. i love a good door Angel vanquishing demon in Troia duomo Chitragupta Temple Passed away Olive wood baby spoon Shaping the new piece of carving. 06 Roman emperor The Man's the Gowd Halloween pumpkins Putti Party Baroque skull Outsider Art Fair 2015 Wooden putto (2) Saint Jean au Calvaire--painted wood carving (southern Germany), Musée de Cluny / Musée national du Moyen Âge, Paris Castle self-portrait SILISTRA-58 SILISTRA-61 St Denys' Church, Sleaford - 22 head Untitled tiki statue Barefoot Merchant Pre Jack O Lantern Pumpkin 2018 NYC 3882 Scott Monument, up close 07 DSC01486 North porch stone carvings (c.1160), Bourges Cathedral, Bourges, Cher, France
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