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Light on the mountain distracts me from the musicians Moche effigy pots Kiev street art - Borychiv Tik Street 33/6 Along the great road north... Nigerian morning Idanre below Invasive species? Gabbra women dance and sing At the Kalacha waterhole: one man, many camels Hampton Court deer Etna storm Young camels in a brush corral Man in long-house When the channel challenges Asmat boy During the welcome ritual As the sun sets at the La Aldea shore Gran Canaria New Years Day In the village Tianshui afternoon - Fuxi temple - dressed for the occasion Lagos afternoon Aarau Sunday Labrang monastery The warming of the drums Agats - a woman bearing fresh fish Catania doorway Etna after the hail Catania street art Zorritos/Acapulco sunset Boti Falls
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