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it can't rain all the time Meet me at the knee at Golden Hour in the morning glassless window there still is a new morning 36 seconds peace of mind Last Name Zeiss Clasping hands Pont-Neuf, Paris, France bangkok Wave Dasha hasselblad500cm hasselblad500cm Avenger G/T // Ilford FP4+ • Hasselblad 500C/M // New Mexico, 2019 about to back to home fisherman I'm lonely Coffee shop at center of Ho Chi Minh City Deconstructoreflectivism N430 Ford Mustang 2016 SUKHOI SU-27UBM FLANKER C-130 Sunset M4 Dozer three chairs in front of home Framework Imperative Mirror World Construction Straight from the Glacier Deconstructoreflectivism II Chinook over Juno Beach
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 film, planar, hasselblad, zeiss, bw, kodak, mediumformat, contax, fuji, bokeh
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