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Devils Tower (Bear Lodge) Rising Above a Nearby Forest (Black & White)

More Views of the Goosenecks.. (Capitol Reef National Park)

Do You Want to Visit Nature (Congaree National Park)

Clouds and Wisps with Blue Skies Above Some Nearby Trees (Devils Tower National Monument)

A Minimalist Black & White of Howard Lake (North Cascades National Park Service Complex)

An Arch Seemingly Soaring into the Skies Above (Gateway Arch National Park)

A Canyon and River to Separate the Two Countries and Create a Border (Big Bend National Park)

Using Monochrome Preview

White Flowering Plants on Display (North Cascades National Park Service Complex)

Formations and Etching Across the Cliff Walls of the Waterpocket Fold (Black & White, Capitol Reef National Park)

Layer Upon Layer with the Badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Under Beautiful Blue Skies One Thursday Morning (Devils Tower National Monument)

Snowcapped Mountain Peaks of Agnes Mountain and the Ptarmigan Crest (North Cascades National Park Service Complex)

An Old Postcard (Black & White, Gateway Arch National Park)

Views of McGregor Mountain from Howard Lake (Coon Lake, North Cascades National Park Service Complex)

A Changing Landscape While Standing at River Bend Overlook (Theodore Roosevelt National Park)

Definitely Some Greens in This Woods! (Black & White, North Cascades National Park Service Complex)

Nearby Walls of a Mountainside with Skies and Clouds Above (Big Bend National Park)

A Hillside of Trees Before a Mountainside of Textures and Colors (Big Bend National Park)

Just Beyond the Trees (Gateway Arch National Park)

Towering Peaks of Cliff Walls (Capitol Reef National Park)

This Land (Black & White, North Cascades National Park Service Complex)

There's Something About the Feeling of Pulling Through Any Park Service Entrance!

Only Clouds Ahead to Guide My Way!

The Broadside of a Cliff Wall Carved by Nature and Time (Capitol Reef National Park)

She Waited for Him...

The Foliage of Autumn Was All Around Me, Even if Only Hints in Colors To See (Gateway Arch National Park)

Even from Miles Away and then You See It the First Time... (Devils Tower National Monument)

Multicolored Layered Across a Badlands Landscape (Theodore Roosevelt National Park)

Pillars of Clouds (Black & White)

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