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Sunrise at Sprague Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park) Looking Out a Plane Window My Cutie Pie, Sunshine Pie (Black & White) Riding Around Texas While Wearing a Tutu Colorful Aspens and Evergreens Along the Colorado River El Capitan and A View to the South (Guadalupe Mountains National Park) Looking Down a Hallway at The Stanley Hotel Tea and Biscuits Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House (Black & White) Mountains and Trees Framed by an Overhang (Plain of Six Glacier Tea House) A Plane Window View to Colorado and the Rocky Mountains A Majestic View of Mountains with Blue Skies All Around Looking to the NW to Popes Peak (Plain of the Six Glaciers Tea House) An Autumn Afternoon in Estes Park A Look Back Down a Glacial Valley (Banff National Park) An Early Morning Flight out of Austin They Look So Very Small From Up Here... Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria South Summit (Banff National Park) A Look to the Skies (Guadalupe Mountains National Park) Mountain Peaks Just Beyond the Trees...(Banff National Park) Looking Down on El Capitan from the Top of Texas at Guadalupe Peak A Far Off View in Western Texas (Guadalupe Mountains National Park) On the Top of Texas! A Chance Meeting in the Nature (Banff National Park) A Look Back to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise and Mountains Beyond (Black & White, Banff National Park) Looking Up...  (Banff National Park) El Capitan and A View to the South (Black & White) A Look Across the Horizon to Far Off Points in West Texas (Guadalupe Mountains National Park) Peaks and Hillsides in Guadalupe Mountains National Park Lake Louise and a View to the Continental Divide (Black & White)
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