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Honeycomb Patterns of Boxwork along the Walls of Wind Cave The Clouds Were Clearing to Take in Mount Rushmore and the Faces of Four Presidents (Black & White) Let Me Wake Up Every Morning and Be Thankful! (Bryce Canyon National Park) Rugged and Jagged Peaks While Walking the Grapevine Hills Trail (Big Bend National Park) Greens and Yellows Across a Grassy Meadow and Trees (Capitol Reef National Park) A Wind Cave Landscape (Wind Cave National Park) I Care Not What People Might Say as I Listen to the Trees! (Mammoth Cave National Park) Shadows and Sunlight (Black & White, Big Bend National Park) They Say Live in a Beautiful Mansion...I Say Live Amongst the Mountains! A Changing Landscape Seen While Hiking in Capitol Reef National Park Evergreens and Red Dirt (Capitol Reef National Park) Focus (Banff National Park) Few Things Can Satisfy the Soul and Mind Like Being Amongst the Tall Trees and Mountains A Parking Lot View of Mountains in Provo When I Look at the Trees, I See Intricate Patterns and Colors of Wildness (Mammoth Cave National Park) A Road to Crazy Horse I Hung My Heart Upon Nature and Began Life's Journey (Mammoth Cave National Park) Mountain Peaks of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (Black & White) A Trotting Bison Heading Away (Custer State Park) Might As Well Graze Under Some Trees in Wind Cave National Park Cathedral Crags Portrait (Black & White, Yoho National Park) Vibrant Yellows in a Nearby Tree The Organ and Tower of Babel Caught in the Golden Light of the Morning Sun (Arches National Park) Life on the High Desert Utah in the Presence of the La Sal Mountains A Portrait Orientation to a Path Covered in Fallen Leaves (Black & White, Mammoth Cave National Park) I Fancied a Date in the Woods with Whom I Love (Mammoth Cave National Park) The Moon and the Entrance to Park Avenue (Arches National Park) Wake Waters and Mountain Peaks A Communicative Prairie Dog in Custer State Park Clouds over Snowcapped Peaks of the North Cascade Mountains
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