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Morning Hours in Theodore Roosevelt National Park Rugged Landscape Across the Chihuahuan Desert (Big Bend National Park) A Graveled Road Leading off to Peaks of the Sierra del Carmen (Black & White, Big Bend National Park) Layers of Colors Across a Badlands Landscape Stretching As Far As the Eye Could See (South Unit, Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Trees All Around While on the Stehekin River Road (Black & White, North Cascades National Park Service Complex) It Was Time to Pull out that Wide Angle Lens in My Backpack (Canyonlands National Park) Gateway Arch from the Steps of the Old Courthouse (Gateway Arch National Park) Looking Through The Keyhole and Beyond to Mesas off in the Distance (Black & White, Canyonlands National Park) Blue Skies with Clouds and Badlands in a Late Afternoon Light (South Unit, Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Community Life in Prairie Dog Town (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Eroded Pedestal Formations (South Unit) Yellow Mounds and Badlands (Badlands National Park) Historic Entrance and Rain-Fed Waters (Mammoth Cave National Park) Let Us Walk Amongst the Tree and Explore the Wildness of Nature! (Mammoth Cave National Park) Farmlands Under Skies of Blue and Clouds of White (Black & White) A Lone Tree at Conata Basin Overlook (Badlands National Park) The Moon and a Sandstone Rock Column (Black & White, Canyonlands National Park) The Excitement Was Definitely Present as I Saw Views of Another National Park to Visit... (Gateway Arch National Park) A Ship's Wake and Mountain Peaks of the South Methow Mountains and North Chelan Mountains (Black & White, Yellow Wildflowers (Minuteman Missile National Historic Site) Sunlight and Shadows Across Badlands (Badlands National Park) Boats Docked on Lake Chelan...and a Mountain Backdrop (Black & White, North Cascades National Park Service Complex) Badlands Rising Tall Amongst the Prairie Grasses (Badlands National Park) Blue Skies and Clouds Above the Peaks of McGregor Mountain and the Stehekin River (North Cascades National Park Service Complex) A Minimalist Black & White in Big Bend National Park Layers and Colors of Badlands at Saddle Pass Trailhead (Badlands National Park) Bridge Over the Stehekin River (Black & White, North Cascades National Park Service Complex) 1200' Walls of the Boquillas Canyon (Black & White, Big Bend National Park) View Beyond of the Colorado River and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area The Grand Wash and a Gorge View (Black & White, Capitol Reef National Park)
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