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Waste Side

Waste Side

Between the road lanes, underneath the metro traffic, adjacent to the flows of dynamic executives, in the middle of the scrap, a man is inanimate.

" It is of course understood that intelligibility [ about the notion of presentism ] does not dictate any conduct, you can make various uses of this intelligibility, you can precisely say: " Ah it is wonderful this presentism that gives me so many opportunities, so much flexibility, so much speed, so many possibilities of ubiquity, so many possibilities of living in real time, etc. " or you can say: "this presentism, what a calamity that plants me with a perpetual present" which is that of a great number of people in the world today, starting with Immigrants who are only a moment, day after day, and who obviously cannot access any kind of project, all those who are deprived of projects or prohibited from projects undergo a presentism that is not particularly exalting " F. Hartog, translated from an interview given in french to Politika about the notion of " regimes of historicity " (march 8, 2017)

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Photo taken on 2 September 2018 (© Camilo Caxlan / Flickr)

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