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Thank the State: Spare Tires

Thank the State: Spare Tires

When the marketplace ruled automobile production, spare tires were exact duplicates of the other four tires, so you could just swap out your flat and go.

But as the Federal government began to impose unscientific “CAFE Standards” by force, requiring gas mileage to improve faster than physics allows, car makers had no choice but to keep making cars lighter, to fake higher gas mileage.

This is why your car’s bumpers are made of cheap plastic, why the car in general is so much more flimsy and poorly made than they once were, and in the context of this article, it’s why your spare tire is tiny and light, so that you can barely limp to the now-more-expensive tire dealer to get a new one.

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Photo taken on 3 June 2019 (© The Graphic Details / Flickr)

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