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Thank the State: Nightmare Gas Cans

Thank the State: Nightmare Gas Cans

One of the worst parts of the regulatory state is that they almost always make things LESS safe, unhealthier, worse for the environment.

The EPA is a great example of that. They make people waste more water with low flow toilets, cause people to upgrade to SUVs by limiting car gas mileage, and in this case they make people expose MORE gasoline to the environment

The bureaucrats at the EPA don't care how much harm these rules cause.

So they banned VENTING gas cans. You can no longer have a little cap on the far side to open when pouring. This makes it almost impossible to pour.

You have to have an auto-shutting cap that won't stay open even when you're using it.

But what does that matter to the overpaid, soulless bureaucrats at the EPA who pay someone else to mow their lawn and can always afford to keep their gas tank full?


You try to pour gas into your car, stuck on the side of the road, but it won't come out of the spout.

But it does come out of every other part of the can, all over your hands, clothing and the ground.

Thank the soulless bureaucrats at the EPA. who decided in 2007 that it should be illegal to sell
gas cans that, well...work. And as you expect from such power-hungry frauds, they actually ended up making the pollution they were "fixing" worse:

The cans now leak not just trace vapor, but actual gasoline anywhere except in your tank, and because they can't vent vapor, are more likely to burst
in hot weather.

We all know that the
state interferes with
business and the economy.
But did you realize that
even your minor daily
troubles are often caused
by arrogant meddling that
causes you needless
bother, and even harm?

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Photo taken on 6 July 2019 (© The Graphic Details / Flickr)

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